Ouvert Studio

Here are some updates on our upcoming creative projects, shows, and artistic collaborations.



Ouvert Studio

#203 Upstairs Studio at Blue Star

February 20th, 6PM

Social media is a space for us to experiment, create, and define our identities, but the online experiences that shape those identities are heavily designed by the platforms on which they take place. This reality creates an identity feedback loop. You shape the content you put online and simultaneously the content you experience shapes you. As a result, it can be hard to determine where you end and the internet begins. Our lives are a web of online and IRL (in-real-life) experiences that can't be easily disentangled.


In this free workshop, participants will learn how social media captures our identities and contribute to a living art project on the theme. 



FLAX Studio

October 5th, 7-9PM

DATA FICTIONS is a photo series and installation that documents the border between our physical and online personas. 

How well do social media platforms like Facebook know us? At what point does our own sense of self become shaped by the categories that are used to define us? What matters more: who you think you are, or who Facebook thinks you are?

Facebook collects data about you and uses that data to create “categories” that helps the company identify you to marketers. A peek into your categories might reveal some surprises about who you think you are, and who Facebook knows you to be...