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What is Digital Equity?

This is what our studio is about, so it makes sense that we share our understanding of what digital equity means.

Digital equity is the idea that everyone, regardless of background have the capacity to use technology to participate to the fullest extent in society, should they so choose.

Capacity means many things. It means that people have access to the internet and technology. It means people have the skills to use the internet, or the devices used to access it. It means people with disabilities can enjoy the same experience of digital content as anyone else. It means youth–who are inheriting the internet and a culture of interacting with digital devices as consumers– maintain awareness of the creative possibilities of the internet. It means people can enjoy the digital world with a right to privacy, if they choose it. It means that people are aware of how the services they use make use of their data. It means everyone is equipped with the tools and knowledge to make the best use of technology in ways that make sense to them.

There are many organizations out there working towards this goal. Some write policy, others raise money, some create programs to educate the public, others publish scientific research. Ouvert Studio takes an experimental, participatory-arts approach to digital equity.

We believe engaging people in fun, friendly, open and creative ways is missing from the digital equity solution-space. That's why we create opportunities for people to discover their own understanding of how they relate to technology in their daily lives. Art provides that experimental space for discovery free of "real-world" restrictions or expectations– where crazy ideas can take shape, and different futures are dreamt.

Let the beauty you love be what you do. This is Ouvert Studio.

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